Drugs most effective for treatment of prostatitis and BPH

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is widely distributed in men older than 35 years. Previously, the disease bothered the representatives of the stronger sex, whose age was older than 45 years.


Adenoma of the prostate, "younger", this is due to lifestyle and promiscuous sexual relationships. To the urologist come not all, but everyone wants to get rid of the problem. It's time to figure out what medicines to treat prostatitis and BPH give the real result.

Selection of medicines: features of therapy

From BPH cannot be removed without complex treatment. Only after examination and study of tests, the doctor prescribes medicines, given the degree of neglect. Often prescribers of the following type:

  1. inhibitors – to decrease size of the prostate. The drug slows the growth or completely stop it;
  2. alpha blockers – they are used to relax the muscles of the prostate gland;
  3. herbal medicine, plant extracts. Reduces inflammation, normalizes the urinary system. Are assigned only in conjunction with the above medications.

The list of medicines is large. This files most often assigned to combination therapy, avoiding surgical intervention. Picking up the medicine specialist should be tailored to the patient's health. Some medicines from prostatitis and BPH have a number of side effects:

  1. Lowering blood pressure – therefore, in hypertensive patients, the prostatic hyperplasia is treated under close surveillance.
  2. Influence on cardiac system – some drugs dangerous in the elderly.
  3. Headaches, nausea and dizziness.
  4. Allergic reactions.
  5. Low potency – this item is immediately voiced by the attending physician that her husband did not develop complexes.

Special treatment requires acute prostatitis, the symptoms are easy to recognize. But in any case, all medicines should be prescribed by physicians, treatment is also carried out under the supervision.

Inhibitors for the treatment of BPH

Effective cure of prostatitis and adenoma should stop the growth of tumor formation. Inhibitors are needed in order to conduct drug therapy. The composition of the drug include 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone to another hormone. From adenomas, it is impossible to get rid of, if you do not slow down the growth of the glands.


Patients who take inhibitors for a long time, noted the following positive results:

  1. adenoma ceases to increase in volume and becomes less;
  2. normalizes the flow of urine;
  3. inflammation of the prostate are eliminated.

It is best to use medicines 4-6 months, only then can we see a positive trend. Congestive prostatitis men pass in a shorter period of time. The drug is present in the appointment, if the tumor size greater than 40 ml.

Tablets are assigned strictly according to the recipe. After a month of inhibitors the patient comes for a visit. Thus, the observed dynamics and is installed, if there are any side effects that may occur during reception:

  1. erection quality is reduced;
  2. ejaculation is being violated.
  3. swelling and soreness of the breast;
  4. allergies;
  5. 2-3 times, decreases the amount of fluid during ejaculation.

Practice shows that after a year of active therapy, the adverse symptoms disappear. In any case, drug therapy is performed under medical supervision. And medications for prostatitis and adenoma in men are tailored to suit the age and state of health of the patient.

Alpha blockers BPH

To identify the signs of prostatitis in men and its treatment – the task of the urologist. BPH causes a number of unpleasant sensations, among which the morbid flow of urine. Alpha-blockers are prescribed to relieve tension in muscle tissues. A particularly good tumor of the prostate treated with this drug at the initial stage or in the elderly where the disease is of a chronic nature.Therapy to last several months. With all the recommendations noticeable the following positive changes:

  1. occurs relief of symptoms of the disease;
  2. the volume of the gland is reduced;
  3. the patient becomes easier to output the urine, the jet strength increases significantly;
  4. inflammation of the bladder decreases as the recycled liquid is completely removed.

These effective drugs from prostatitis and BPH are easily tolerated by patients. Even with long-term therapy adverse effects low. But sometimes drugs may experience the following ailments:

  1. a sharp decrease in blood pressure;
  2. palpitations;
  3. muscle weakness;
  4. dizziness and constant pain in the temples.

With long-term complex therapy side effects are. The practice of urology worldwide shows that alpha blockers cause the least harm to the body.

The prostate gland can be treated mindlessly. Only a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment will help to avoid surgical interventions.

Prostatic hyperplasia treatment herbal medicine

Drugs in the pharmacy are in the range. To sort out this diversity, it is impossible. Some patients are supporters of phyto-medicines that are created based on plant extracts. Help herbs from prostatitis? The most effective will be discussed below. Synthetic drugs have several side effects. Because of this medical refuse many patients. The prostate gland can be cured by using special drugs that are made only from herbs and flowers. With prolonged use they give the following positive results:

  1. the removal of the inflammation of the urethral channel;
  2. stabilization of the process of urination;
  3. eliminate the pain in the groin.

The benefit of herbal medicines is obvious. Doctors prescribe such medicines in combination with synthetic drugs. Unfortunately, this therapy was used in ancient times, of course, used decoctions, syrups. After taking can subside the pain and improve the flow of urine, but the tumor will not disappear. In pure form they are used for prevention of prostatitis.

Essential oils

Essential oils: their effectiveness

From pills to wait for the result for several months, but it is a better alternative than surgical intervention. But some men prefer home treatment, choosing traditional methods. For the reception of certain selected essential oils:

  1. fir – stops the pain and kills bacteria;
  2. sea buckthorn oil – reduces inflammation;
  3. cocoa butter – reduces pain syndrome.

These substances are not consumed orally, and injected into the rectum at night. In some pharmacies you can order rectal suppositories with the addition of these oils. If after the injection there is burning or itching, then you should abandon such therapy.Urologists believe that the esters only relieve a number of symptoms that cause discomfort in daily life. Another therapy can be used for prevention, but for getting rid of serious tumors, this method is not suitable. Unfortunately, men believe the opposite, therefore, the disease is far advanced and, eventually need surgery.

Many doctors in addition to medical therapy to do exercises for the treatment of prostatitis. Exercises Kegel – this complex, which allows to normalize the muscle tissue. To understand how to do it, you just need to go to the bathroom. During urination, the need to hold jet. Tensing and relaxing the muscles of the pelvis, the man makes a useful exercise. With long-term employment will be a noticeable result. Still useful to walk, as it is a sedentary lifestyle provokes the formation of tumors in the intimate area of men, not counting the infection and genetic predisposition.BPH is a disease that requires immediate treatment to the urologist. Running form is the indication for surgical intervention. Tablets and candles will definitely help, if the time to make an appointment to see the urologist.